Based in UAE White Rays llc , has specialized in the import and export of nuts and dried fruits since 1985. We source our products directly from the various countries of origin and supply to distributors and processing industries across Europe.

Our driven team of experienced professionals advise you on market trends, make sure the products meet the highest quality standards and ensure on-time deliveries at any time. We specialize in assuming every type of risk on your behalf, ensuring you can focus on your core business: distributing and processing nuts and dried fruits.


White Rays Food Stuff Trading L.L. Facilities FoodStuff Trading Services L.L.C based in Dubai (UAE), The principal areas of Business interest is FoodStuff supplies such as Spices, Ready to eat food, Frozen and Fresh meat, Fruits, Dairy Products, Energy Drinks and Dry Fruits.

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Please call +971-42-554224 (we are available 24/7) or write at info@whiteraysllc.com.

Office #207 , Domino Pizza Building
Al qusais

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