White Rays llcOffering authentic, Indian ready-to-eat products covering the entire menu ranging from Chutney and Curries, to Pickles, Pastes and Biryanis, our products are available in all major food retailers across US, Canada, Europe and select Indian cities. White Rays llcFazlani Ready-To-Eat offers products that are cooked to perfection for your enjoyment!

An irresistible fusion of Indian Ingredients with global preparations, our Foody fusion range of products offer a tasty and surprising mix of Puddings, Rice and Soups, bringing the best fine dining experience in ready-to-eat convenience packs!


White Rays Food Stuff Trading L.L. Facilities FoodStuff Trading Services L.L.C based in Dubai (UAE), The principal areas of Business interest is FoodStuff supplies such as Spices, Ready to eat food, Frozen and Fresh meat, Fruits, Dairy Products, Energy Drinks and Dry Fruits.

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